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More Free Music Downloads – 100 Years Old!

wax-cylinder.jpgThis archive site by Syracuse University hosts some of the most unusual recordings for download on the internet. You see, the original recordings are almost 100 years old!

A wide variety of music genres is represented. Indeed, there’s something for everybody here.

The site streams MP3, but also offers WAV downloads. Most of the originals are on wax cylinders, with digital transfers typically made via a Benchmark ADC.

I really enjoy the stuff – you might too!

(A similar site is run by UCSB.)

by Bob Walters

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A Dozen Opinions on Computer Audio

pos-fb-dog.jpgDave Clark at Positive Feedback recently interviewed 12 experts, asking 10 questions on the trends in digital playback.

The result is a valuable compendium of info on topics such as:

  • USB or Firewire
  • Jitter
  • “Pro” gear vs “Audiophile” gear
  • And much more….

If you are thinking about computer or ‘music server’ sources, then this is highly recommended reading.

Click here to read….

by bob walters

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