When You Just Can’t Get Enough Music…

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String vibration at high frame rate

Thanks, Vince!

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Video: Modern mastering made easy

In addition to being humorous, teaches a bit about overload distortion…    – Bob

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Memorial – Frank Zappa

I came late to the genius of Frank Zappa. this video provides another look at his art and his modus operandi. As a small bonus, there’s some cool footage of Dweezel at a mixing board, analyzing and enjoying his father’s master tapes. (Frank owned all of his masters.)



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24hz Rendered in Water (Cool Video)

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (ukelele)

(Thanks, Vince.)

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Don’t Understand Digital Audio? Xiph Can Help!

digital vid

This video contains the most lucid instruction on digital audio theory that I have seen.

The exposition should benefit non-technical folks as much or more than techies, but beginners may want to start here.



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Rock History Through the Lens of the LP (BBC)

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Another “Sound & Vision” – The Life and Times of David Bowie

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Beck’s Amazing “Sound & Vision”

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iPhone in a Guitar (How cool is this?)

Thanks, Skeptica!

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Sound City Studio – Playing Now

At the Roxie in San Francisco and the small screen.


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DSD Audio – The Next WAV?

The video below will help prepare you for what might be the next wave in high-end digital. It will also serve as a great intro for our next session at Blue Coast Records.

(There’s a lot of good info to be had from the various RMAF videos.)




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Cool “Live vs Recorded” Video and Free Downloads

Check out this thread on What’s Best’s audio forum. You’ll find the video by MA Recordings and the Pac NW Audio Society – featuring our own John Stone!wb logo

You’ll also discover a bunch of free high-resolution downloads, some in DSD. Todd G, like Cookie M, is sold on DSD.

The WB forum is one of the best IMO. Several BAAS members participate….


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Life at 33 RPM – A Vinyl Story

“Vinylmania” is coming to San Fran – details here.

Also, you may want to check out this charity record sale on Nov 10th (same day as the movie), proceeds to Palo Alto Library.



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Rock Star Champions High-resolution Digital

Can rock legend Neil Young accelerate adoption of high-resolution digital (“the sound of analog”)?

Let’s hope that Mr. Young (and his Pono player and service) follows Mr. Chesky (HDtracks) in widening the options for music lovers.

Articles here and here.


[Thanks, Aaron!]

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Japanese Synchronicity

You’ll “get it” by halfway mark…feel free to skip ahead if you must!

Leave a comment if you can explain….


Hint: Think Newton’s 3rd Law, and how it may play here.

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GoTye Video & “”

Very cool music vid IMO.

Mac users: Download a free trial of “Hear” from Joesoft, and watch/listen with that. Amazing on my iMac.


Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 Audiophile, Bob, Music, Video Comments Off – Hires video reviews, factory tours, and show reports

For those of you looking for additional Memorial Day entertainment, check out the AVshowrooms web site.

Lots of high definition audiophile video. I found the Audio Note UK tour particularly enjoyable. Old world, minimalist design ethos. The YG Acoustics tour was a nice bookend – new world, high-tech approach and materials.

I like the overall concept. It strikes me as a useful adjunct to the written word, and valid means of getting greater exposure to the brands. I would think that quality manufacturers would value the service as well.

Sample below. Go “full screen” for best effect.




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Throw on some vinyl – literally

I suspect that many of our analog members are wincing….


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