Desert Island LPs

Our Desert Island LPs

Are You ExperiencedLong ago, we selected and posted our “desert island digital” (CDs).

Now let’s take a crack at vinyl!

Add a comment containing your 10-20 most cherished LPs. Try to include enough info that members can reach out and buy a copy.

I’m newly “reborn” to vinyl, but I’ll begin anyway:

  • Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run
  • S&G, Concert in Central Park
  • G. Harrison & Friends, Concert for Bangladesh
  • Joni Mitchell, Court & SparkThe Concert for Bangladesh
  • The Who, Who’s Next
  • N. Young, Harvest
  • Chicago, Chicago II
  • J. Hendrix, Are You Experienced?
  • John Klemmer, Straight From the Heart (Nautilus)
  • Iron Butterfly, In-a-gadda-da-vida
  • CCR, Cosmo’s Factory
  • CSN&Y, Deja Vu
  • Jackson Browne, Saturate Before Using
  • Traffic, Low Spark…
  • Etc.

Product Details

Can you guess when I last bought LP’s?  ;^)

Enter yours now – comment….


Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 Analog, Desert Island LPs 10 Comments