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About BAAS

The Bay Area Audiophile Society (BAAS) is an ever-expanding association of Northern California audio enthusiasts and music lovers.

  • BAAS schedules manufacturer, studio, and technology demonstrations where discussion and feedback are encouraged;
  • supports informal meetings of like-minded music lovers;
  • fosters member communication and camaraderie;
  • facilitates “syshops,” where members listen to each other’s systems; and
  • operates a members-only e-mail network.

We also offer BAAS members special discounts from local and web-based audiophile, home-theater and music retailers.

Our many meetings have included tours of Mobile Fidelity, Dolby Labs, Silverline, VMPS, and NHT facilities; talks and demonstrations by Steve Hoffman, Paul McGowan, “Doc” Johnson, Mark Waldrep, and Alon Wolf; get-togethers where BAAS members invite other members to audition and comment on their systems; in-store demos of Magico speakers and other products; and in-home demos of products such as the Theta Gen. VIII DAC/preamp, Goldmund amps, Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC, and Parasound and deHavilland amplifiers.

All meetings are arranged and conducted by volunteers. The BAAS coordinator is open to suggestions for meeting topics from members and manufacturers alike.

The BAAS membership list currently numbers around 400. Of those, a fluctuating core group of 30-75 usually usually attend meetings.

BAAS has been known to schedule 6-10 meetings/demonstrations/syshops per year, depending upon member interest. Meetings are held throughout the Bay Area. Frequency of meetings depends upon member willingness to volunteer.

Meetings are usually held on Saturday mornings and afternoons, and very occasionally on weekday nights. In order to receive BAAS mailings and announcements and attend meetings, you must join the organization. Membership requires a $20 one-time fee, renewable when the treasury gets low.

Because we keep adding new members, we have not had to ask for dues renewal for a very long time, but we may institute in the future.