Alex Peychev on Vinyl-like Qualities of DSD

Alex Peychev, digital / electronics guru and founder of APL Hi-fi, had this to say about DSD vs PCM (and vinyl):cd lp

After dealing with PCM and PCM converted DSD for so many years, I am now also convinced in the DSD superiority. We are not talking about amazing measurements and specifications, but sound quality that is comparable to analog. Vinyl, for example, has horrible specs, but how it sounds? Yes, DSD has more noise and somewhat compromised dynamic range, but it is the closest to vinyl I’ve heard. :-)

Private correspondence, reprinted by permission with thanks.

My purpose in the last two posts has not been to sell you on DSD. Just to point out that the DSD debate, like the high-resolution PCM debate that preceeded it, is most easily resolved by audition not cognition.



Sunday, January 19th, 2014 Audiophile, Bob

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  1. I was happy to see these posts. In my not-so-sophisticated system SACDs are clearly audibly superior to Redbook CDs. I do not know anyone who seriously pursues SACDs, however.

    I have assumed the improved audio is due to the increased frequency range, which for my Marantz player is given as 2Hz-20kHz for Redbook, 2Hz-100kHz for SACDs. There is another spec with which I am not familiar, “frequency characteristics,” that is given as 2Hz-50kHz.

    However, it would seem that most amps I can consider have a rolled off frequency response as well.

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