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Cool “Live vs Recorded” Video and Free Downloads

Check out this thread on What’s Best’s audio forum. You’ll find the video by MA Recordings and the Pac NW Audio Society – featuring our own John Stone!wb logo

You’ll also discover a bunch of free high-resolution downloads, some in DSD. Todd G, like Cookie M, is sold on DSD.

The WB forum is one of the best IMO. Several BAAS members participate….


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It had to happen: First 3D-printed Record Albums

3dprintedrecord-660See this Wired article for a demo and an explanation by the engineer.

OK, so sound quality is about that achieved by Edison. But I predict that it’ll improve – a lot.

Is this the ultimate audiophile DAC?



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Can High-resolution Digital Cause Distortion? Yes!

This past March, I wrote about a controversial article posted to the web site. Take a moment to scan that

In my piece, I was just a bit dismissive that capturing ultrasonic content could actually do harm. I’ve since eased my stance a bit.

You see, I actually downloaded Xiph’s test files and played them on my system. And low-level distortion products appeared. These were manifest as an occasional tic or pop. No wonder folks say that hires digital sounds analog! LOL.

Granted, my Goldmund amps have a rather large bandwidth (3 Mhz). But still.

Try the test yourself and let us know via the comments what you hear. The files are about a third of the way down in a section labeled “Intermod Tests.”

[Note that these occasional tics were down more than 40dB, and would likely be benign in a typical listening session.]


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Are “Record Players” Better-sounding?

OK, don’t shoot me over what you read…

Quora, a popular and high-quality opinions site, has this to say on the matter.

Something for everyone – or not.

Sample: “…audiophiles tend to prefer vinyl over compact discs for pretty much every genre of music except classical.”


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