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Rock Star Champions High-resolution Digital

Can rock legend Neil Young accelerate adoption of high-resolution digital (“the sound of analog”)?

Let’s hope that Mr. Young (and his Pono player and service) follows Mr. Chesky (HDtracks) in widening the options for music lovers.

Articles here and here.


[Thanks, Aaron!]

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Japanese Synchronicity

You’ll “get it” by halfway mark…feel free to skip ahead if you must!

Leave a comment if you can explain….


Hint: Think Newton’s 3rd Law, and how it may play here.

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McIntosh Headlines Successful Event at Century Stereo

BAAS members were treated to a great program at last Saturday’s listen & learn session at Century Stereo in San Jose.

Multiple well-appointed rooms were in play, staffed by knowledgeable experts from the vendors. Highlights included:

  • All about room treatments (PMI). Why passive treatments still matter, even when EQ/signal processing are used.
  • Power conditioning intro (Furman). Is there a difference? Is the conditioned sound truly better? At what price?
  • McIntosh Line Array Loudspeakers and Lyngdorf technology. Ever heard a line array? Ever heard these? 110 drivers! Also, how digital signal processing (DSP) can auto-EQ and adjust/widen the “sweet spot.”
  • Audio cable technology update from China (Tributaries/Clarus). Video conference with cable pioneer Jay Victor. Why geometry matters, and where Chinese (and Japanese) manufacturing fits in.
  • High Resolution Video/Audio by Kaleidescape. What Bluray brings to digital audio, and how the Kaleidescape technology can make powerful video/music servers easy. amazing system.

A ton of great learning, pleasurable listening, and audiophile camaraderie.

Thanks to Melinda and Century Stereo (link at right)!


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HRT and Schiit Impress NYT Listening Panel

‘Tis not often that a publication like the New York Times conducts a DAC shootout. But they just did.

Further, they even use audiophile terminology: “[the HRT] sounded closest to the original CD versions” and switching from the Schiit “was like going from stereo to mono.” Whoa.

I’ll leave it to interested readers to delve  deeper….


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