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For those of you looking for additional Memorial Day entertainment, check out the AVshowrooms web site.

Lots of high definition audiophile video. I found the Audio Note UK tour particularly enjoyable. Old world, minimalist design ethos. The YG Acoustics tour was a nice bookend – new world, high-tech approach and materials.

I like the overall concept. It strikes me as a useful adjunct to the written word, and valid means of getting greater exposure to the brands. I would think that quality manufacturers would value the service as well.

Sample below. Go “full screen” for best effect.




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How musical are you – really?

Go to this link to take a very interesting “test” of your musical skills and proclivities.

You’ll also be helping the BBC with their research.

Hint: A couple of the tests take a while to load. Don’t do what I did and skip them. You will get a low score! (Like me….)




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Throw on some vinyl – literally

I suspect that many of our analog members are wincing….


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Attend the California Audio Show and BAAS Membership is only $10

The California Audio Show (CAS) is running a promotion wherein BAAS members get a $10 discount on their 3-day tickets.

Since the membership fee for BAAS is only $20, new members can essentially join BAAS for free!

Just follow the link above to join, and I’ll send you the link for the $10 discount to CAS.

Great deal for Bay Area audiophiles….


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