New Book from Ethan Winer Has Audiophile Appeal

Ethan Winer has been an outspoken critic of the more extreme — some would say mainstream (!) — aspects of our hobby. In fact, his (in)famous Audio Myths Video has been the subject of both scorn and admiration. The guy is certainly opinionated.

But he’s also knowledgable, passionate, and – it turns out – an excellent writer. All of this comes out in his new book: The Audio Expert – All You Need to Know About Audio.

Rather than go into details here, just read my short review on Amazon. Suffice to say, I think that many of you would find the book both useful and enjoyable.


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  1. Bought the book based on Bob’s recommendation. 600+ pages and only gotten through 100 so far, but I have learned:

    1. No amp costing more than $1,000 is worth it.

    2. You can’t hear jitter.

    3. All speaker cables and interconnects sound the same.

    4. There is no need for high resolution audio, 16/44 is perfect.

    5. Measurements are the only things that matter – apparently listening to gear, particularly long term, is not going to give any worthwhile data.

    That said, this is in the early chapters with no, and I mean no data to back himself up as his pronouncements are obviously correct. His disdain for Mr. Fremer would have been a bit more believable if he had politely gone to Mr. Fremer’s home (Ethan is in Vermont and MF is in upstate NY – not impossible) and listened to some different high end equipment. But that doesn’t matter as only simple measurements matter.

    After you skip this section, it gets better as he summarizes some of Floyd Toole’s book and has some original stuff.

    And the recording sections seem real, but without a frame of reference, it is hard to tell.

    Peter Truce

  2. ptruce on April 27th, 2012