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“Dramatically New” Living Stereo Video

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The Beginnings of BAAS

On 9/26/95, the notice below was posted on the newsgroup by one of Dennis Davis’ officers. (Dennis was president.)

This current incarnation of BAAS was a restart of the earlier “Northern California Audiophile Society.” This, in turn, sent the “other BAAS” into a bit of a tail-slide.

Much more recently, BASS was used as the inspiration and template for the Shanghai Aidiophile Society.


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Video Evolution of an Audiophile’s System

What percentage of components shown can you identify?


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New Book from Ethan Winer Has Audiophile Appeal

Ethan Winer has been an outspoken critic of the more extreme — some would say mainstream (!) — aspects of our hobby. In fact, his (in)famous Audio Myths Video has been the subject of both scorn and admiration. The guy is certainly opinionated.

But he’s also knowledgable, passionate, and – it turns out – an excellent writer. All of this comes out in his new book: The Audio Expert – All You Need to Know About Audio.

Rather than go into details here, just read my short review on Amazon. Suffice to say, I think that many of you would find the book both useful and enjoyable.


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The Beatles, Scotty Pippin, and Mr. Smith

Hilarious. For more like this, see Scott Gairdner’s web site. Enjoy.


(Thanks, DavidH!)


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BAAS Audiophile Market Survey 2012 – Final Numbers

Final results are in, and they reflect a more balanced result.

In fact, it’s almost as if every vinyl enthusiast, concert-goer, and non-East-Bay resident went to the polls to retort.

Anyway, here they are….




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Computer Audio and Audiogon Big Winners in BAAS Audiophile Market Survey 2012

Preliminary results are in, and “segment leaders” include:

  • Computer Audio
  • Audiogon
  • California Audio Show; and
  • East Bay (!)

The results also suggest that a third of members don’t attend live events, and half our membership don’t attend BAAS events. Many audiophiles mst be riveted to their home systems!

Complete results follow. I will update if trends changes as more members report.




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