Alón’s Audio Array

Updated March 12, 2014
Analogue Source: Townshend Rock 7 Turntable, Merlin 3 Power Supply, Excalibur 3 Tone Arm, Ortofon Cadenza Bronze.
Digital Source: Macbook Pro, Audirvana, Micromega MyDac.
Preamp: VAC Signature 2a with MC/MM Phono Stage
Amps: VAC Phi 200 mono blocks
Speakers: Thiel CS 3.7
Sub Woofers: Twin REL T5 Sub Bass System
Speaker Cables, Power Cords, and Interconnects: Speltz Audio Lab
Power: PurePower+ 2000 AC Regenerator With Battery Back-Up
Room Tweaks: Synergistic HFT (crazy voodoo product that shouldn’t work, but does anyway)
Headphones: Audeze LCD 3, Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog, AKG K702, Etymotic HF2
Headphone Amp: Ray Samuels Audio Raptor 3-tube Amp
RCM:  Audio Desk Systeme Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner
Electrical: 2 dedicated 20Amp circuits with Cruz Maestro Receptacle
Here’s a photo of my Rack of VAC in Black. This is the pure 2 Channel Analogue side. The digital components are separate and housed in the armoire on the right. More photos coming!


Sunday, February 5th, 2012 Analog, Audiophile, Equipment, Member's Systems

1 Comment to Alón’s Audio Array

  1. Hey Alon,

    I got my AR turntable at Hi Fi Haven (after they moved to a nicer part of the town). I still remember the old location near Greasy Tony’s, and the incredibly helpful staff. And yes, I too drooled over those Sansui and Pioneer receivers and in my teens. I’ll look for you at the next BAAS event.

    – Sunil

  2. sunil on February 5th, 2012