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Thunderbolt – The world’s most sophisticated cable?

The geometry of Nordost Odin. The circuit-in-a-cable approach of MIT. The static charge on Synergistic shielding. All examples of how audio cables have progressed beyond the twisted pair.

But these are childlike in sophistication compared to the Thunderbolt cable, as featured in new Apple Macintosh products.

T-bolt, which some suspect to be the ‘next big thing’ in computer-audio connectivity, houses a dozen I/C’s in each cable!

Check out the details in this iFixit blog piece.

Fascinating stuff (for a geek).


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Korean Idol

I think that this performance really just speaks for itself…   – Bob

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Google & Les

I was lucky enough to catch one of Les’ last performances at the Iridium in NYC.

See Google’s beautiful and tuneful tribute today.

Yes, that’s a RECORD button you see…press it and enable a keyboard “piano” mode.



Edit:  The logo is now permanently here.

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Wither the Music Industry – David Byrne Speaks

I’m sure that D. Byrne needs no introduction to music lovers (hint: see the pic).

But some of us may not be aware of Byrne’s scholarly approach to the industry in which he participates.

In a comprehensive article for Wired, Byrne begins with “what is music” and then lays out the whys and wherefores of modern music-making – or, as he pointedly notes – modern CD-selling.

Recommended reading.


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