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Life of a BAAS Event – Photographic History

Here’s the chronology of our most recent event:


8AM - Setup


9AM - Deliberations on setup


10AM - The Master Decides

Session 1

Noon - Session 1 on Full Swing (Q&A)



1230PM - Our Youngest Member



1PM - Session 1 Ends

Then repeat for Session 2, Packup, and Go…


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Dr. Linkwitz & His Orion Impress Bay Area Audiophiles

Yesterday, BAAS members were treated to the unique and highly capable “Orion IV Loudspeaker” system from Linkwitz Lab and Wood Artistry.

Sporting a “classic” planar baffle for mids and treble, bass is handled by a clever “W baffle” – a feature that no doubt contributes to the speaker’s fine top-to-bottom tonal balance and soundstage stability.

Also contruting to the overall sound were electronics from Pass Labs, Marantz, Bryston, and Auraliti (whose music server is becoming as ubiquitous at BAAS events as the first movement of “Symphonic Dances).

Indeed, I heard several members comment to each other after the event: “best sound I’ve heard in a long time.”

But that’s not all…. Also on hand were the designer (Siegfried Linkwitz) and builder (Don Naples). In addition to the obvious technical expertise of these two professionals, it was clear to me that both were avid audiophiles and music lovers too. Each describes his path in the audio biz, and the technical goals that were the targets of their efforts on Orion.

A discography of the music played is given below.

Thanks to West Valley College and all the folks that helped make this gig the success that it was.



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JVS Hosts Audiophile Tour-de-force in Oakland

[Late post, with apologies.]

Late last month, our Jason Victor Serinus hosted an event at his home featuring both a vast array of new audiophile technologies and three guest presenters: Jason Jones of Jones Audio and Ray Burnham and Demian Martin of Auraliti.

Highlighting the equipment demmed were:

Also on hand were the Gen. 8 Series II’s 24/192 (and 176.4) upgrade, Stillpoints isolators, Magico QPods, the PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport, Nordost Odin cables Odin everywhere, the Wavelength Wavelink USB to S/PIDF interface, and the Amarra playback software (2.2).

Musical selections included hi-res tracks from the new Attention Screen CD, more Yarlung Records via Linn Records hi-res download site, the ever-present works of Reference Recordings and Chesky Records/HD Tracks, and interesting hi-res content from ECM Records. There was also some funky hip-hop!

A bit of levity was added to the proceeding as JVS demmed how a particular orchestral crescendo could literally blow one of his gym socks out of the rear port on the Eficion’s midrange/tweeter module (a “knock your socks off” recording that indeed)!

In addition to the simple joy of hearing great music on a formidable system, members got yet more exposure to the realities of “why all digital does not sound alike.”

Many thanks to all those who made it happen.



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