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Kanye West vs Bob Dylan

Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

(Click pic for bigger view on

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Great Hires Downloads from NuForce

Local company NuForce has done audiophiles everywhere a solid by offering an album of high resolution music and test signals for free.

You can use the 24/96 files for both enjoyment and system evaluation.

Thanks, NuForce!


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Ramen Music – Smart Guys Trying to Change Things

IMO, the Ramen Music Blog is a great read. On-point commentary re contemporary music industry issues.

Ramen’s post-analysis of the music industry data that I posted a while ago is the best that I’ve seen. The “money slide,” which suggests that the music industry isn’t doing that badly (yet), is posted below. Read the article for further insights.

It’s also a gateway to the Ramen Music website, which has a unique way of introducing subscribers to lots of cool new music.


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The Power of Song – Hallelujah Indeed

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