Equalization for Audiophiles – the easy way

A new product has just been released by Ear Machine. It’s called iQ (as in “I equalize” I guess), and it makes EQ easy – fun even! (See video.)

You don’t need a real-time audio analyzer. You don’t need Golden Ears (but you do need yours). And you don’t need to read a lengthy manual.

But you do need a computer-based audio, because iQ works as a plugin to your favorite music playback software (iTunes, Pure Music, Fidelia, etc.).

Installation is Easy. Mac or PC. 14-day free trial available.



PS  If you’re on a Mac, you may want to try Fidelia….

Sunday, February 27th, 2011 Audiophile, Bob, Music Server, News

2 Comments to Equalization for Audiophiles – the easy way

  1. iQ looks sorta cool. But I’m super interested in Fidelia! I’d looked a little while back at buying a couple of Audiofile Engineerings other tools. Sample Manager and Spectre both seem quite good though I’ve yet to try them. But a player based on iZotope including their SRC is just awesome. (and may obviate the need for the SampleManager…) Thanks Bob!

  2. chrisk on February 27th, 2011
  3. No prob, Chris.

    I use Sample Manager on occasion – it’s a solid tool. (And yes, the iZotope SRC was a big selling point.)


  4. Bob on February 27th, 2011