Still More on the Music Industry

Based on comments, members want to see the gross (not per-capita) revenues of the music industry. Here you go:

Again, all the data is here.


Friday, February 25th, 2011 Audiophile, Bob, Music, News

2 Comments to Still More on the Music Industry

  1. Thanks for the additional post and link.

    Looks like an industry in transition, but not deathly decline — yet.

  2. nathan_h on February 26th, 2011
  3. I agree, Nathan.

    There are several ways to look at it, e.g.:

    1. The CD was an anomaly, and it’s over.

    2. Two big waves – Lp then CD – and a third not in sight.

    3. The fall of the album. The LP and CD rode a bigger wave – the album – and that one is gone. We’re back to the single (remember 45RPM and big holes?).

    4. Lossless reproduction + internet distribution = piracy = death

    5. Etc.

    All of them speak to an industry in transition.


  4. Bob on February 26th, 2011