Audio Objectivist Makes Case at AES 2009 (Video)

Most audiophiles who have frequented the forums know Ethan Winer – both as sound trap manufacturer and audiophile skeptic.

While the video below is more about the latter, I think that there are a few good learning points as well….

(Note: If the geeky video below isn’t your thing, try this one – with Mr. Winer on cello!)

Monday, August 16th, 2010 Audiophile, Bob, News, Technical

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  1. Thanks very much for posting the video of Audio Myths Workshop. What a superb antidote to the audio subjectivists. From Ethan Winers web site I discovered some great links to other skeptical reports and research. There is a lot to learn. This is a great counter to the cheer-leading for expensive audio bling. I have nothing against audio bling if that’s a persons taste, but I am skeptical that the sound is any better than a modestly priced system with excellent speakers and good room acoustics.

    Two nights ago a friend and I went to a high-end audio store in the city that had Mr. Wilson of Wilson Audio talking about and associates demonstrating some of his new product line. I heard some great sound and some imperfections having to do with bass resonances with the cabinet on some program material that excited those resonances. I could hear the cabinets I told my friend. At those prices no one should be hearing the cabinets. Earlier, Mr. Wilson acknowledged that the speakers were not perfect but didn’t describe any faults. My only point in mentioning this is that one can find better sounding products for less money and that are still tastefully designed, but only lack the big price-tag show-off aspects.

    Vincent Sauve

  2. skepica on August 19th, 2010