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A Touch of (Audiophile) Class

I received an interesting email today from the founder of CDbaby. It’s worth sharing.



Hi Bob -

Way back in 2006-2008, you bought some CDs from my store, CD Baby. (SERENITY OF LIFE: Absolution, E.S. POSTHUMUS: Unearthed, and 13 others.  Remember?)

So you might be interested in my new free projects to help musicians:

MusicThoughts: inspiring quotes about music

MuckWork: assistants to do your dirty work

Derek Sivers: my personal site, with articles

SongTest: a free, open song contest

They're all free, open-source, and non-commercial (except MuckWork), so I'm not emailing you for any business reason.

But since we've emailed in the past, I thought I should let you know what's new.

I sold CD Baby two years ago, so this is the last time you'll hear from me, unless you reply back or click those links.

Though if you do reply, please let me know what's going on with you (really!), in case I can help in any way, and to keep this from being a one-sided conversation.   :-)


Derek Sivers

P.S.  Why I sold CD Baby and where the money went:
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Silverman to Return to Beethoven Sonatas

Audio High will bring pianist Robert Silverman back to the Bay Area, this time for an eight-concert series of the entire cycle of Beethoven piano sonatas (32 in all).

These events will be open to the public and all proceeds will benefit the Elf Foundation. Dates are Sept 9th & 16th and Nov 11th & 18th, 2010; Feb 3rd & 10th and Apr 7th & 14th, 2011.

Audio High will be recording and producing a CD set of all 32 sonatas with Mr. Silverman that will also contribute to the Elf Foundation’s Rooms of Magic program. The recordings will also likely be offered in a high-resolution format. (Yah!)

BAAS was treated to Silverman’s masterful playing in a private session last year.

More information will be available at (note the .org).

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World’s Best Audiophile Video – from Greece, of course

If you haven’t seen this, now’s the time:

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Audiophile Music Buying circa 2010

“I just want to play music (Part II):

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Audiophile System Sales circa 2010 Video

This cool vid via Paul McGowan and Jason:

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Win Analog Event this Saturday

To “tune up” our auditioning muscles for the Cal Audio Show, we have a great event coming up on Saturday, July 17th at Win Analog in Milpitas (at 355 Fairview Way).

What we’ll see and hear:

  • Amplification: Z845 preamplifier ($45,000),  S Series monoblock amplifiers ($75,000/pair)
  • An 845 preamp – wow!
  • Speakers: Rockport Technologies Mira Grand II ($35,500)
  • Digital front-end: Marantz SA-7S1 SACD player or the Wadia S7i CD player/USB DAC
  • Cables:  MIT
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