Jaton Debuts REAL ‘DIY’ Speaker at BAAS Event

Last Saturday, high-end manufacturer Jaton hosted Bay Area Audiophile Society members at their Fremont facility.

The highlight for most was the very-cool REAL DIY (some would say ‘kit’) loudspeaker. A relatively petite floorstander, the vented boxes produced big, full-range sound in an acoustically-challenged room.

The highlight for three members might have been the substantial door prizes – three speaker systems.

The lunch was great too.

Thanks, Jaton!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010 Audiophile, Bob, Equipment, Events

1 Comment to Jaton Debuts REAL ‘DIY’ Speaker at BAAS Event

  1. Thanks to everyone who came to visit Jaton and listening to our new REAL “A148″ DIY Speakers. And it’s my pleasure to meet each one of you too.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you like to know about Jaton or our products. And call me at 510-933-8888 # 132 or email me at george@jaton.com if you like to have a home audition of our products too.


  2. georgejaton on May 3rd, 2010