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Proof that high-end audio and an infant are not incompatible

Thanks, Aaron!

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Loudspeaker Burn-in: Fact or Fiction?

Our audiophile colleagues in Spain have taken an interesting approach to the question – they asked the manufacturers.

Here’s what top builders said.

Punch line: about 100 hours…give or take 100 hours!

(Check out Audioholics for another viewpoint.)

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Fremer Laments HiFi as ‘Object of Scorn’

Today’s NY Times features a survey piece on the state of high fidelity.

Centerstage is the market movement from high-fidelity home systems to mobile lofi devices.

Key stat: The hifi market, now $1B annually, has shrunk to half of where it was 10 years ago.

Michael Fremer offers some insights as well.

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Jaton Debuts REAL ‘DIY’ Speaker at BAAS Event

Last Saturday, high-end manufacturer Jaton hosted Bay Area Audiophile Society members at their Fremont facility.

The highlight for most was the very-cool REAL DIY (some would say ‘kit’) loudspeaker. A relatively petite floorstander, the vented boxes produced big, full-range sound in an acoustically-challenged room.

The highlight for three members might have been the substantial door prizes – three speaker systems.

The lunch was great too.

Thanks, Jaton!

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