Nature’s Well-tempered Joke on Music

bach-well-tempered-clavierEver wondered what “well-tempered” – as in claviers and turntables, not steel – really means?

This lengthy but well-written Slate article takes you through it.

In the process, you’ll learn about Bach’s motives and methods for WTC, instrument tuners’ dilemmas, and a special musical construct named “the wolf.” Music excerpts help motivate the text.

A little geeky, but fun nonetheless.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 Audiophile, Bob, General, Music

2 Comments to Nature’s Well-tempered Joke on Music

  1. This is a GREAT write up. It explains quite a lot. (some of which I knew of, but now understand much better) BTW, I think I can tell the difference, but likely am fooling myself. Would not have been half as fun or informative without the music samples which I think worked well.
    Also, on “splitting hairs” – as audiophiles, that’s right up our alley it seems (?) ;-)

  2. chrisk on April 22nd, 2010
  3. I agree – the music clips make the concepts more real.

    I don’t think I can tell the difference – other than SQ, of course.

    Mark of a true audiophile… ;~)


  4. Bob on April 22nd, 2010