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Our Desert Island LPs

Are You ExperiencedLong ago, we selected and posted our “desert island digital” (CDs).

Now let’s take a crack at vinyl!

Add a comment containing your 10-20 most cherished LPs. Try to include enough info that members can reach out and buy a copy.

I’m newly “reborn” to vinyl, but I’ll begin anyway:

  • Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run
  • S&G, Concert in Central Park
  • G. Harrison & Friends, Concert for Bangladesh
  • Joni Mitchell, Court & SparkThe Concert for Bangladesh
  • The Who, Who’s Next
  • N. Young, Harvest
  • Chicago, Chicago II
  • J. Hendrix, Are You Experienced?
  • John Klemmer, Straight From the Heart (Nautilus)
  • Iron Butterfly, In-a-gadda-da-vida
  • CCR, Cosmo’s Factory
  • CSN&Y, Deja Vu
  • Jackson Browne, Saturate Before Using
  • Traffic, Low Spark…
  • Etc.

Product Details

Can you guess when I last bought LP’s?  ;^)

Enter yours now – comment….


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A Tiny (Audiophile) History

I happened across an insightful rendition of audiophile history from wax to SACD.

Not much new here (the text was last revised in 2005), but the treatment of the subject is both well-considered and insightful. Kudos to Lynn Olson for yet another contribution to our hobby.

This piece complements Perfecting Sound Forever and the other fine books describing the saga of recording/reproduction.

One thing is abundantly clear from my studies: the Bay Area has played (and is playing) a BIG role in recorded sound.

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Amplifier Group to Meet in San Francisco

Where:  Randall Museum (
When:  Saturday, 6 February, 1:00PM to 5:00PM
What:  A V-TUG meeting
Why:  To listen to and compare a new solid state amp by Alex to several new vacuum tube amps by Ori.  Rick has new speaker cables for audition.  This will be a not to be missed meeting.
Please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.
Anyone interested in getting on the V-TUG email list, please email Norman at
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Keeping up with audiophile happenings

EQ bars blueDaily Audiophile (link) features a very nice set of blog and audio-website links. (The site was down for months, but is now back – better than ever.)

A similar, if less structured, site is High End Matters (link).

So these two join Stereophile, Absolute Sound, and the various blogs and forums as places to go to keep up with our crazy hobby passion obsession.

Where do you go for music and audio info? Add your sources of news to the Comments!

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Cool little horns for audiophiles

You just gotta love these little babies!

So stylish Relatively inexpensive ($1700/pr) too.

I’ll try to get a pair for a future BAAS event. In the meantime, check them out here..

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