Results of the Great BAAS Audiophile Survey

We had 93 responses (thanks!) to our survey. Some were surprising, others not.content.png

Here are the punchlines:

  • About 10% of members go to audio conferences/shows – CES has the highest interest.
  • San Francisco is the most convenient event location
    • Marin the least.
  • Members are most interested in speakers, amps, and digital
    • Least interested in pro gear and DIY
  • The majority of members are willing  to pay $10 or more for a “good” BAAS evnt
    • …and they think that contributions should be voluntary

Thanks again for your responses – we’ll try to plan accordingly!

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Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 Audiophile, Bob, General

1 Comment to Results of the Great BAAS Audiophile Survey

  1. awesome survey.

    analog too please!

  2. jhorn on October 7th, 2009