Kevin’s System = Music Server + Open Baffles


I have the Linkwitz Orions and I recently added a music server. I am running a Logitech Transporter with the Modwright Platinum  analog stage. I run the software on a Netgear NAS. No need to have a PC running to make it work and the NAS has mirrored drives, so my music is backed up.

I have also found some excellent software for ripping CDs that collects all the CD tracks, composers, music catagories etc., with little or no input from me. I use FLAC and the sound is tremendous. Add to that the ease of accessing my music library.

This is all controlled with a remote or from a PC which displays album art. There are so many ways to stream music and it is all confusing. I listened to a Berkeley DAC but it was difficult to evaluate due to all the other system and room differences. I really chose the Transporter due to the ease of use and some positive press.

I am very happy with my choices.





Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 Equipment, Member's Systems

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Kevin! I hope you don’t mind giving up a few more details. What model Netgear are you using? Did it come with the required software to connect to your wireless network and stream the audio data? What ripping software are you using?

    I once read somewhere that iTunes was not FLAC compatible. Are you using a different user interface, or does iTunes now support FLAC?

    Thanks again, and good listening!

  2. hughs on May 24th, 2009
  3. hughs

    I am using the Netgear ReadyNAS Duo. It is a simple mirror (2 hard disks) and is the least expensive NAS they make. The ReadyNAS connects via 100 Mb Ethernet using a CAT6 cable to my wireless switch/router. The Logitech supplied software, SqueezeCenter, can run on the ReadyNAS. They offer a version that runs on Linux, which the ReadyNAS uses for its Operating System.

    The ReadyNAS has a slower processor, so the software is not real fast when sorting through the music library, but it is very usable. I can add ripped music to the NAS, have the software incorporate the changes all while listening to music on the system.

    I am ripping CDs with DBpoweramp CD Ripper. There is an add on called Perfect meta that searches 4 databases for the CD titles, tracks, cover art, etc. It is pretty seamless.

    Thanks for asking.

  4. kevo on May 24th, 2009
  5. One more note. I am not using iTunes. All that is necessary is the Squeezecenter that Logitech provides and the DBpoweramp or other ripping software.
    I have MediaMonkey, but do not really use it. When I began this project, I found this part confusing. What software is really necessary in order to setup a music server? Obviously it depends on your chosen solution. This is one of the reasons I chose the Logitech Transporter.
    Other reasons were to avoid OS version issues, driver choices, etc.

  6. kevo on May 29th, 2009
  7. Another big thanks, Kevin!
    Just the idea of using a 2″ iPhone or Squeezebox Controller screen to browse a thousand CDs was making my eyes sore! It’s great to know there is a platform-independent alternative to iTunes out there that is FLAC compatible.

  8. hughs on May 29th, 2009