Event: Synergistic ART System, Power Conditioner, and Cables

art.jpgLast Saturday, we had another great event, this time featuring two technologies that would drive by-the-numbers audiophiles batty:

  • A room/acoustic treatment system consisting solely of small metal “cups”; and
  • Cables whose outer layer contained a powered “EMF” element.

Say what? How could these designs possibly affect the sound at the listening position, let alone improve it? Well, subject to a couple of small caveats, about 30 audiophiles agreed that they did effect changes for the better. (This is tantamount to blasphemy in some folks’ minds, cf. these forum threads: Stereophile 1, Stereophile 2 and AudioJunkies.)

First, the ART system. Synergistic CEO and designer Ted Denney began with a fascinating tale of their genesis that included single-handed trans-oceanic sailing, Buddhist temples, and advanced metallurgy. Then on to the demonstration, wherein we played various tracks with and without the various ‘ART pieces’ (couldn’t resist).And damned if the didn’t make a difference – often a big one and almost-always for the better (IMO). To my ear, the more bass content in the piece, the better ART worked.

OK, but how do they work? Resonance, of course. The little devils vibrate and – like Shakti Holograms or absorbent panels – when placed in strategic positions (e.g., first-reflection points) they diffuse the reflected sound field. Thus, the ear gets more direct sound energy and the brain is less confused. Not as exciting as magic, but cool nonetheless.

As for the Tesla cables and PowerCell, we did not have the opportunity to compare them to anything, and so few real conclusions could be drawn. We did hear them in the powered and unpowered state, and the system sounded much better with them powered (as one would hope). But who’s going to buy them and not power them? Kinda like listening to an electric guitar without the amp. It plays music, but….

We thank Ted and Jason, and wish Synergistic Research the best. You can learn more about Synergistic here.

by Bob Walters

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 Bob, Equipment, Events

2 Comments to Event: Synergistic ART System, Power Conditioner, and Cables

  1. Yesterday, I went to Music Lovers and spent more time listening to an older version of the Tesla Power Cell. It opened up their speakers. Fixed instruments and spread them out across the sound stage. Improved stage depth. In, short it took a $24,000 audio system to a level of realism in their soud room that had to be heard to be believed. Everything in the chain was enhanced with Tesla cabling. Their was no element of the ART system used in the demo. I simply have to have the power cell.

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