Free High Resolution Recordings for Download

int-arch.jpgWe all know that there are many great places to download hi-res music. If you don’t know them, Dan Weiss has published a nice list here (bottom of page).

But did you know that there is also tons of FREE music, including hi-res, just waiting to be downloaded?

And legitimately – not through Pirate’s Bay/Torrents.

Let’s use this thread to start a list. Anyone knowing of a good free downloads site, please post it as a comment. Hi-res (at least 24/88) sites preferred, but CD-quality (16/44) is OK too.

I’ll start. The Internet Archive is a splendid source. Try the Ryan Adams “das Haus” concert (24/96) – it’s very nice!

Enjoy the music – and post some sites!

Bob Walters

Friday, February 20th, 2009 Bob, Music