Music players — I Mean Servers?

psaudio_perfectwave.jpgCES featured a new trend – music players that act like music servers. In particular, they can:

  • Read music from a hard drive and play it;
  • Play hi-rez disks directly (like Ref Recordings HRx); and
  • Rip the music from CD to hard drive (in some cases)

A couple of these new machines were the rage at CES. Soundstage (among others) has the details here and here. (One of them even has tubes!) I think that PSaudio will sell a bunch of their product. They have the engineering budget to really do things right, and seem to have the vision as well.

One sobering note: of the four products that I saw in this category in Vegas, two were “down” for a period of time for software errors (“bugs”). It’s hell being on the bleeding edge….blacknote_closeup.jpg

In any case, this category will likely do well as a whole. Many audiophiles are turned off by the concept of a “computer in the music room.” Likewise, using a computer to rip/organize a massive music library is daunting. So the appeal of just inserting a disk and getting the sonic benefit of playback from a large memory buffer is substantial.

For me, I’ll take a Mac/1TB drive/Firewire any day!  <g>

bob walters

Sunday, January 18th, 2009 Announcements, Bob

2 Comments to Music players — I Mean Servers?

  1. Bob,
    Did you get to hear the Blue Smoke Systems Black Box? Was it one of the systems that was down?

    I heard Jeff Fritz of Ultra Audio is going to make part of his TWBAS (The Word’s Beest Audio System). article.


  2. keya on January 18th, 2009
  3. Kevin,

    I didn’t bother with this system. If I wanted a “tweaked Windows Vista” box, I’d build it myself (and externally clock it).

    Most music server folks that I know prefer either Mac OS-X (sound card or firewire) or Win XP (with sound card).

    So I don’t know its SQ or if it was up or down, but knowing Windows….


  4. Bob on January 19th, 2009