It’s (Almost) Official – The CD Player is no Longer #1 with Audiophiles

cracked-cd.jpgAccording to a recent Stereophile poll, audiophiles now rely on musics servers more than CD players.

In fact, there are now 4 server listeners for every 3 CDP listeners!

My own experience supports this.  In fact, I have not even turned on my high-end CDP since “going server”!

Not only is my server more convenient, it sounds better!

Note: I use an external DAC (with both).

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1 Comment to It’s (Almost) Official – The CD Player is no Longer #1 with Audiophiles

  1. Your write-up and analysis are misleading. This is a poll of folks who visited the Stereophile website and took the time to respond to the poll. That’s hardly a representative sample of audiophiles. Without knowing how many people responded to the poll, what countries they are based in, what their age range is, and whether or not they are prevented from voting more than once, the only conclusion one can safely draw is that almost half those who chose to respond to the poll listen to music via computer or music servers.

    Furthermore, look at these figures:

    What is your primary digital front end?
    CD player: 34%
    Hi-rez disc player: 11%
    iPod: 4%
    Music Server (computer-based): 36%
    Music Server (dedicated: Sooloos, Sonos, etc.): 10%
    Other: 3%

    Now, what is a Hi-rez disc player? Is it a multi-format player, a separate transport and DAC, a dedicated SACD player, or what? There is no clarification. Nonetheless, if you add CD player plus hi-rez player, you get 45%. If you add the two music server categories, you get 46%. To me, that is not 4 to 3.

  2. jason on July 18th, 2008