GerryG’s System

gerry.jpgVinyl Focused System

Digital Source:

* Denon DVD 3910
* Spectral 330 interconnect

Analog Source:

* Basis 2500 Signature
* Graham Phantom / Two Wands
* Koetsu Onyx Platinmum Signature
* Lyra Titan Mono
* Hovland phono interconnect
* VH Audio Airsine PC


* Wavestream Phono Preamp
* Audio Note Sogon XLR
* Wavestream Preamp
* Stealth 6M IC
* Lamm ML2.1 mono amps
* VH Audio Airsine PC’s


* Wilson Watt/Puppy 8
* Stereovox LSC 600 speaker cable


* Two Dedicated lines
* PS600
* VH Audio Airsine
* Porter Outlets


* Custom cabinet with Arcici stand built in it
* Custom Sound Anchor stands for Lamm’s

Monday, June 2nd, 2008 Member's Systems

4 Comments to GerryG’s System

  1. I forgot my Basis 2500 Sig. has a Calibrator base – a worthwhile item.

  2. gega on June 2nd, 2008
  3. If anyone would be interested in doing a Vinyl Listening Session at my house I’m open to a small group. Leave a comment here. I planned to attend the Muon listening on Thursday so see you there.

  4. gega on June 10th, 2008
  5. Hi Gerry,

    I would be interested in listening to your vinyl setup. My system is mostly vinyl as well although a bit less high end, and I would love to hear how (familiar) records sound on your system which I consider to be a reference level for me.
    I don’t know where you live though , I am located in Redwood City.

  6. jeti on June 20th, 2008
  7. Jeroen, email me at

  8. gega on June 28th, 2008