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New Interconnect Design

Here’s what a single I/C looks like before termination:IC Before Deployment

And here’s the back of my rack (L chan only):

Two days late, but “April Fools”!

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Help with High Rez Digital Playback

music-server.jpgI’ve received several questions from members re: “What’s the best way to playback the Reference Recordings (RR) HRx material?”

Or a related question: “How do I best make a music server work?”

Stereophile, TAS, and others have recently taken their cut at the second question. Your local audio dealer should also be able to assist you.

In addition, Marcia at RR Offers her personal advice re the excellent “Alpha DAC” that we heard in the demos:


Since Michael Ritter at Berkeley Audio Design was not able to be at the demo, many people had questions about the DAC and about dealers, availability, etc. that I was not able to answer. His contact info is:

Michael Ritter
Berkeley Audio Design Associates, LLC
3048 Benvenue Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94705
email Michael

Another thing: Tim Marutani (email Tim) is a great source to steer your members towards, if they want help putting together a computer server/playback system of their own.


Special Note: I have removed the supplemental member-contributed material, as it contained a few inaccuracies and might be construed to represent BAAS-endorsed advice. If you have downloaded it, please disregard it. Thanks.

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RR HRx Discography


Note: BAAS members are the first to know some of this info!


Here is the list of the music we played at the demo (I think we left out #2 on the second demo):

1. Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances non allegro (RR-96)
2. Rachmaninoff etudes-tableaux march (RR-96)
3. Strauss Festival Intrada (RR-112)
4. Yerba Buena Bounce: Tickle Toe (RR-109)
5. Tafelmusik: Bach: Air from Suite no. 3 in D (RR-2101)
6. Weill: Three Penny Opera Suite overture (RR-2102)
7. Serendipity: Trio Blues outtake (RR-20)

Unreleased material:

8. Kansas City Symphony; Sibelius: Tempest “humoresque”
9. Kansas City Symphony; Sibelius: Tempest “nymphen”
10. Kansas City Symphony; Sullivan: Tempest “Nymphs and Reapers”
(These will be on RR-115, release date July 2008)

11. Dick Hyman, Bix Beiderbecke material (This will be on RR-116, release date August 2008)

12: Minnesota Orchestra, Ravel: 5 O’Clock Foxtrot (unknown release date)

Members can order HRx at a special price through April. It looks like there’ll be 3 titles at first. They will be:

  • HR-96 Rachmaninoff: Minnesota Orchestra
  • HR-109 Yerba Buena Bounce: The Hot Club of San Francisco
  • HR-112 Crown Imperial: The Dallas Wind Symphony

I, for one, love all three. HR-96 is particularly beautiful, especially in high rez.

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